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End of April : Nolan

Nolan spent a few years in the Navy and travelled to South America where he fell in love with Peru.


Gay fun : Julio | Adam and Park

This 25 year old stud has a hot worked out body, a hot ass and a sexy attitude.

Adam and Park are working on their yoga stretches and Park notices Adam needs a little help. Park instructs Adam how to properly bend in that particular position. Being so close together Park can’t help keeping his hands off Adam.

Brady and Tyler | Tomas and Martin

Without wasting anytime, these two go at it with some passionate kissing.

Brady loves a nice ass and Tyler has the perfect butt to tap.

Stefan & Joshua


Joshua is a cute, kinda bi, mostly straight, type of guy. He is super nice and very easy to talk to.

Weekend Special – Sexy butt

Matt and Jimmy show off their sexy butt.

Samuel O’Toole is killing time on a lazy Saturday.

Topher DiMaggio is another guy who has sexy butt. Have a nice weekend, guys!