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Logan, Micah and Tanner

Tanner and Micah have to get their physical before their big swim competition. While they are checking each other another teammate, Logan, walks in.


Sexy butt : Zack and Scott

Scott has been away making babies for the last year and is back doing a shoot with Zack. They have some fun posing and showing off their bodies, Zack is quite a lot more muscular than when he last did a shoot and Scott has also bulked up.

Donny, Dylan, James and Rogue

When Donny Wright and Dylan Hauser sneak off from the party to get sexy, they think they find a private bedroom of their own. But soon after they start feeling each other up, James Jamesson and Patrick Rouge walk in while looking for a hideaway for themselves.

Josh kisses Justin

Josh kisses Justin kiss passionately. Justin and Josh are so in tune, they start breathing and panting in unison. They kiss again and again, completely into the moment.

Adam Rexx

Adam Rexx slowly peels off his shirt and reveals a smooth chest with the sexiest of treasure trails meandering down his flat stomach to a nice big thick piece of man meat.

Adam Rexx Randy Blue

Weekend special – Clayton Archer and Micah

Clayton and Micah both have tight 6 packs, cute bubble butts and adorable faces that any man would want to see in their bed.